Walt Disney 1

Walt Disney Concert Hall Podium

Commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and designed to complement the exquisite interior of the Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Concert Hall, this pedestal serves as a rare book display stand and a speaker's podium.

Hear what our clients say about this piece:

Dear Cindy,

Nothing I say can come close to how grateful I feel for your extraordinary creativity. The piano display stand speaks for itself -- it is so stunningly beautiful and strong! So sharp and elegant and tender and proud. It really is a statement that expresses everything we stand for, and likewise, what the Annenberg gift represents. The powerful design, the exquisite workmanship, the solid wood curved at delicious angles, the lovely varnish -- all and every detail is outstanding.

Thank you on behalf of all of us at the Philharmonic for putting so much of yourself into this work. I want to call it iconic, maybe I shouldn't. But there -- the word has already escaped and landed on the screen.

-- M. Afshar

Materials: Padauk, oil finish

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