"In 2006 I commissioned two music stands from Jochen and Cindy. The music stands were to be gifts for two very good friends of mine. Cindy and Jochen did a wonderful job with the planning process, selection of wood and music stand design. The entire process took about three months. I was elated with the final products! They are beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and functional for the musician. I presented these to my friends and they instantly fell in love with them. Jochen and Cindy are true craftsmen, and I highly recommend their work to anyone looking for quality custom designed furniture and woodworking. What they create is rarely found in today's world of mass production."

-- J. Lawrence


"Nothing I say can come close to how grateful I feel for your extraordinary creativity. The piano display stand speaks for itself -- it is so stunningly beautiful and strong! So sharp and elegant and tender and proud. It really is a statement that expresses everything we stand for, and likewise, what the Annenberg gift represents. The powerful design, the exquisite workmanship, the solid wood curved at delicious angles, the lovely varnish -- all and every detail is outstanding.

Thank you on behalf of all of us at the Philharmonic for putting so much of yourself into this work. I want to call it iconic, maybe I shouldn't. But there -- the word has already escaped and landed on the screen."

-- M. Afshar


"I have seen Cindy's work during the creative process as well as finished, and it is stunningly beautiful and well crafted. I have employed her to repair many of my harps of varying woods and finishes, and the work has always been excellent and timely. She is a terrific person to work with, very easy and relaxed."

-- C. Sykes


"Our association with Jochen and Cindy began with a basic DIY kitchen remodel (prompted by a wall-destroying pipe leak) which required drywall, cabinetry, plumbing, and tiling skills well beyond ours - entirely so with the tiling which turned out beautifully! Not only is that kind of versatility difficult to find, but it came with know-how, integrity, and an amiable willingness to work with our "evolving" design concept. With Cindy's and Jochen's invaluable help we transformed a dated and somewhat dilapidated 1940s kitchen into one that is modern, attractive, and user-friendly. More importantly, we became good friends!"

-- W. Thackara


". . . I was so impressed with the quality of the finish work as well as the thought and imagination that went into each piece, that I commissioned Cindy to design my kitchen. As you know, any remodel is potentially stressful and every trade person involved must work together for a successful finish. Cindy did a tremendous job! In fact, if Cindy had not moved, I am certain she would have been asked to perform design work for one of the top building contractors in this area. He saw the work she had done for me and was also impressed with Cindy's attention to detail and the creativity she brought to the job that he wanted her to do the same for his custom homes."

-- C. Mason


"Thanks to Cindy Vargas, I now have the knowledge, skill, and courage to tackle a major project: an unfinished buffet cabinet and hutch. Her workshop was a great value and lots of fun. Magazine articles and how-to TV shows are helpful, but nothing beats spending a day trying different products and techniques. Plus, the step stool I finished at the workshop looks great!"

-- P. Johnson


"I hired Cindy and Jochen to design and build our new kitchen. They came up with great ideas that I had not thought of. They were very easy to work with and talk through the ideas with. Their craftsmanship is excellent and Cindy's eye for design superb. Jochen and Cindy explained in detail every step that was needed and were always prompt and got the job done in the scheduled time frame. We now have a beautiful new kitchen!"

-- S. Strayer