Apollo 1


Greek God of sunlight, music, poetry and the arts. Leader of the Muses, director of the choir.

Winner of Second Place award, 2007 "Design in Wood". Del Mar, California.

The jatoba, rosewood and copper stand was inspired by the metronome. A pyramidal shape, it is solid, strong and powerful, rising from the floor with a commanding presence. The board that holds the music is composed of five copper bars that reference sheet music stanzas.

Materials: Jatoba is an African hardwood, very dense reddish brown with dark grain pattern. The rosewood was harvested over 70 years ago and passed from a mandolin maker to a carousel maker and then to Three Elements Studios. The copper hardware is all custom made by a metalsmith.

Dimensions: 23 1/2"w x 10"d with adjustable height and angle
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